Wind Milestone (ID# 5466)

"A cap of post man who delivers letters with heart. Magic in the cap protects the wearer not to lose their way."

Enables use of lvl 1 Teleport. AGI +2

  • 1 Feather Beret1 (Item ID# 5170)
  • 50 Scarlet Dyestuff (Item ID# 975)
  • 150 Wind of Verdure (Item ID# 992)
  • 150 Dawn Essence (Item ID# 7836)
  • 150 Cold Moonlight (Item ID# 7837)
  • 1,000,000 Zeny

Take these items to NPC Flick, shown below, who is located at mystic_shop 127 205 to obtain this headgear.

1The Feather Beret quest requires the following: 1 Beret (Item ID# 5172), 100 Soft Feather (Item ID# 7063), and 1 White Dyestuff (Item ID# 982). Take these items to Sakjul located at rachel 152 131. There is a 10% chance he will make the hat and not give it to you. If this happens you'll have to re-farm these items and try again.

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