Tobi Mask (Item ID# 9721)

Rock's contribution to the world as he hands down to Mudkipz his most favorite possesion: the mask itself of the one who calls himself Tobi.

Can see hidden or cloaked enemies. Flee rate + 10%. Small chance to drain 10% of enemies HP while attacking.
Impossible to refine this item.

You'll need the following:

  • 200 Worn-out Kimono (Item ID# 7153)
  • 100 Wing of Dragonfly (Item ID# 7064)
  • 200 Tooth of Bat (Item ID# 913)
  • 100 Torn Magic Book (Item ID# 7117)
  • 1000 Crystal Fragment (Item ID# 7321)
  • 100 Star Dust (Item ID# 1001)
  • 50 Skirt of Virgin (Item ID# 1049)

Take this list to Peddler Aiel who is located at mystic_shop 15 96 and pictured below for this mysterious mask.

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