Talisman Trader
Have you ever made the talisman by accident? Or do you get tired of yours and decided to change to different Talisman? Don't worry. In fact there is a solution for you because this guy (or actually a NPC), TalisMan will help you to change your talisman. TalisMan is located at: mystic_fore 126 239

Talk to the NPC, but pay attention to the information he gives you, because it is very important.


Once you have read it all, answer the questions and the NPC will remove your talisman and give you the items for the new quest.


These are the items the NPC will give you for the new quest.

The NPC should give you the following items: 1k Herb of Incantation, 1k Slick Papers, 1k Yarn, 1k Crystal of Darkness, 50 White Dyestuff, 50 Black Dyestuff

When you retrieve these items, now you can go back to do your Talisman quest again

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