Seraphim Wings

Seraphim Wings is a cool wing that can evolve to larger wing(s) so that you can decided to use which one to fit in your fashion style!

Each of wings set come with a different skill and different color, with each twist and interesting skills that may help you on your quests.

screenMysticRO028_zps8ab962d1.jpg screenMysticRO024_zps6938a0f4.jpg screenMysticRO025_zps0aad84d8.jpg

All of the wings will give stats differently but basically, for:

  • Small Wings - all stats +5, def +5, mdef +5 & skill lvl 1
  • Medium Wings - Med Blue - all stats +7, def +7, mdef +7 & skill lvl 3
  • Large Wings - all stats +10, def +10, mdef +10 & skill lvl 5

Blue Seraphim Wings
White Seraphim Wings
Red Seraphim Wings

Be thankful to Ribbon (mystic_shop 114 219) because she made this wing available to you for your own convenience :)

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