Scuba (Item ID# 9659)

Living in the ouback without this important equipment and you die. Never leave without this! This ordinary but luxurious one saves you from the most violent sandstorms in the Sahara.

**Adds 20 to all stats, HP & SP + 10%. Reduces damage from Medium Sized monsters by 10%. Reduces damage from Earth element by 10%. Impossible to refine this item. Item is slotted.

You'll need the following:

  • 500 Orange Dyestuff
  • 1 X Hairpin1
  • 100 Piece Of Darkness
  • 200 Peco Peco Feather
  • 1000 Green Charmstone

Take the list to Bubba Marley located at mystic_shop 160 210.

1The X Hairpin is not dropped by mobs. You'll need: 1 Stelar [0] (Item ID# 2294), Ectoplasm (Item ID# 7220). Take these items to Arjen who's at Geffen 129, 148.

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