The index of magical items obtainable by quest on MysticRo. This will take you the Mystic Missions page.
There are also quests that will give you costume that hides your equipments. This is also similar to the Mystic Missions Page with different missions. Go to Mystic Costume Shop for more info.
(Due to the Server being re-opened again, the customs that are crossed out are not available at the moment. When they are available, the strikethrough will be removed)

Mystic Unique Item

The Journey of Obtaining a Talisman
TalisMan - Talisman Trader

Upper Headgear

Alucard Hat
Colored Coppola Hats
Poring Hats

Middle Headgear

Alucard Glasses


Butterfly Wings
Fairy Wings
Seraphim Wings


Acolyte Card
Archer Card
Gunner Card
Mage Card
Merchant Card
Mystique Card
Ninja Card
Swordsman Card
Taekwon Card
Thief Card

Sets Quests
Underworld Set
Valkyrie Items

Official Class Gears (Can also be obtainable through the Official job changers)

Burning Spirit (Sura)
Driver Band (Mechanic)
Magic Stone Hat (Warlock)
Midas Whisper (Genetic)
Mitra (Arch Bishop)
Minstrel Song Hat (Minstrel)
Reissue Schmitz Helm (Royal Guard)
Resting Swan (Wanderer)
Rune Circlet (Rune Knight)
Shadow Crown (Shadow Chaser)
Silence Enforcer (Guillotine Cross)
Sniper Goggles (Ranger)
Wind Whisper (Sorcerer)
Coin Exchanger

Upper Headgears

Aladdin's Prince Hat
Angel Spirit
Aquaring Hat
Baby Panda Hat
Bunnyring Hat
Condom Hat
Cowring Hat
Crusader Hat
Deviruchi Hat
Drooping Cat
Frog Hood
Ghostring Hat
Hat of Helba
Holy Marcher Hat
Jasmin's Tiara
Jester Hat
Krusty Krab
Lord Kaho Horns
Marijuana Beret
Mini Crowns
Moonlight Flower Cap
Mystic Alien Helm
Nekoring Hat
Note Headphones
Pirate's Pride
Rabbit Bonnet
Rainbowring Hat
Recolored Ribbon
Sakura Milk Hat
Sakura Mist Hat
Sapling Hat
Sky Hat
Wanderer's Sakkat
Whikebine's Cat Ears
Wind Milestone
Wings of Victory

Middle Headgears

Scuba Masks
Tobi Mask

Lower Headgears

Colored Gangster Scarf
Poring Backpacks


Alchemy Ring
Bat Ring
Bee Ring
Bubble Ring
Cake Ring
Candy Ring
Cookie Ring
Dark Angel Ring
Day Ring
Dragon Shenron
Fire Wolf
Flower Ring
Heart Ring
Holly Ring
Lillypad Ring
Marin Ring
Music Ring
Night Ring
Poring Ring
Sage Ring
Snowflake Ring
Star Ring
Sunflower Ring
Tribal Ring
Water Dragon


Andre Wings
Archangel Wings
Archdemon Wings
Arctic Wings
Bloody Butterfly Wings
Cherokee Wings
Crystal Wings
Deviling Wings
Dragon Wings
Elemental Wings
Fire Wings
Fire Wolf Wings
Galaxy Wing
Gargoyle Wings
Golden Wings
Harpy Wings
Ice Shard Wings
Ice Wings
Incubus Wings
Jester Wings
Little Angel Wings
Lord Demon Wings
Mini Butterfly Wings
Mystical Wings
Pink Rose Wings
PecoPeco Wings
Succubus Wings
Sunblade Wings
Tribal Wings
Ultimus Wings
Wings of Balance
Vampire Wings

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