Mystic Missions
There is a sign in the Mystic main town located at Mystic_fore 154 204 that gives out what's called Mystic Missions. You can accept up to 4 at a time per character, and every quest only once per characters. You've got 24 hours from accepting the mission to kill the required amount of monsters and returning to the sign to "Submit" the completed mission. You cannot start a quest on one character and finish it on another. This sign is usually where one can find the Seasonal Quests as well.

This is the current list of Mystic Missions you can do and their reward:

Great Voucher: Allows players to reset their stat and/or skills.

Please make sure to start this mission on your character as this voucher is not trade-able!

Required items & Monsters:

  • Hunt 200 Argos
  • Hunt 200 Coco
  • Hunt 200 Savage
  • 100 Star Dust

Limitations: can do daily with 24 hrs time limit upon accepting this quest.

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