Mitra (Item ID# 5747)
Yes, that's a warlock with it on in the ITEM PREVIEW ROOM.

This is a gravity official headgear with a custom quest. It gives these bonuses:
INT + 1, VIT + 1, MDEF + 5.
Increased heal effectiveness by 5%.
If user has 120 base INT, MATK + 10.

But only equippable by the Arch Bishop class. Not any class that comes before Arch Bishop.

You'll need the following items:

  • 25 Geographer Cards (Item ID# 4280)
  • 25 Rideword Cards (Item ID# 4185)
  • 25 Enchanted Peach Tree Cards (Item ID# 4217)
  • 25 Cookie Cards (Item ID# 4293)
  • 25 Seal Cards (Item ID# 4312)

Take the list to Ceros, who is located at mystic_shop 106 210 and is pictured below. Same NPC but different area, I promise.

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