Mini Gold Green Crown (Item ID# 9686)

All stats +5, defense +10, magic defense +5, 10% damage increase against wind property, 10% chance monster will drop gold bullion.

You'll need the following:

  • 1000 Zircon (Item ID# 729)
  • 100 Gold Bullion (Item ID# 7338)
  • 10 Broken Crown (Item ID# 7754)
  • 10 Crown (Item ID# 2235)
  • 10 Crown of Ancient Queen1 (Item ID# 5080)
  • 10 Crown of Mistress2 (Item ID# 5081)
  • 10 Jewel Crown (Item ID# 5002)
  • 10 Golden Anvil3 (Item ID# 988)

Take these items to npc Ezrah. She can be found at mystic_shop 36 120.

1The Crown of Ancient Queen is not dropped by mobs. You'll need the following: 1 Queen's Hair Ornament (Item ID# 10006), 1 Emperium (Item ID# 714), 3 Gold (Item ID# 969), and 20,000 Zeny. This is for a single one, so you'll need enough to make 10 of them. Take the items to Neris located at yuno_in03 20 18.

2The Crown of Mistress is not dropped by mobs either. You'll need 1 Coronet (Item ID# 2249), 1 Emperium (Item ID# 714), 3 Gold (Item ID# 969), and 40,000 Zeny. This again is for a single Crown of Mistress and will need to collect enough to make 10. Take these to Neris as well.

3Golden Anvil is dropped by a mob that doesn't spawn, so go buy them in the Item Mall from the Forge Shop NPC for 300k per Anvil.

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