Krusty Krab (Item ID# 9722)

Arrr! Mudkipz comes to terms with Old Krabby of the Krusty Krab restaurant of the Deep Blue Ocean to gain the immense powah of this Hat!

Adds 25 to all stats. Near and long range def + 10%. ATK + 10%. Stops HP regeneration when one equips this awesome item.
Impossible to refine this item.

You'll need the following awesome items:

  • 200 Worn-out Magic Scroll (Item ID# 7099)
  • 100 Witch Starsand (Item ID# 1061)
  • 200 Tough Scalelike Stem (Item ID# 7012)
  • 100 Torn Scroll (Item ID# 7118)
  • 100 Strong Branch (Item ID# 7203)
  • 100 Soft Silk (Item ID# 7166)
  • 50 Rusty Kitchen Knife (Item ID# 7208)

Take this list to the awesome npc Peddler Aiel who is located at mystic_shop 15 96 and pictured below for this AWESOME hat.

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