Holy Marcher Hat (ID# 5225)

"A hat, when equipped, that plays holy music and refresh its wearer. The wearer of this holy hat is guarded by an angel."

Add a 1% chance of auto casting Level 5 Angelus when attacking.
MDEF +2.
Add a 10% resistance against Stun.

  • 50 Cobaltblue Dyestuff (Item ID# 978)
  • 1 Holy Stick (Item ID# 1631)
  • 1 Holy Threads1 (Item ID# 7285)
  • 10 Cruiser Card (Item ID# 4297)
  • 100 Old Blue Box (Item ID# 603)
  • 1,000,000 Zeny

Take these items to NPC Flick, shown below, who is located at mystic_shop 127 205 to obtain this headgear.

1These are not dropped by a mob, but are made in the process of opening the Ayothaya Dungeon. You only have to do the first two steps to get Holy Threads. Talk to Dusit (ayothaya 83 132), when he asks if you believe in man eating tigers, answer yes. He will refer you to Shaman Boonthom (ayo_in01 181 193). This is the NPC who will make the Holy Threads. Bring her 1 Needle Packet (Item ID# 7213), 1 Spool (Item ID# 7217), 1 Solid Husk (Item ID# 7190), and 1 Holy Water (Item ID# 523). Holy Water can be made by someone with the skill Aqua Benedicta.

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