Farm Zone 1

Farm Zone 1 (Not available at the moment)

The Farm Zone is designed for you to farm some of the more tedious items needed for the Mystic Quests. Below is a list of the item's dropped and screens of the instructions given to you by the NPC (Farm Zone) when asked for information. She can be found in the Mystic Hometown map at mystic_fore 176 205. The area keeps track of how many items you have farmed and once you hit the 400 item limit you will be warped out of the room automatically. The monsters that spawn here are random, based off of what can spawn when a Bloody or Dead Branch is used and you may encounter many MVPs at once. Be forewarned.

Items in Farm Zone 1:

  1. Squid Ink
  2. Feather
  3. Blue Feather
  4. Feather of Angel Wing
  5. Feather of Birds
  6. Harpy Feather
  7. Peco Peco Feather
  8. Red Feather
  9. Soft Feather
  10. Bloody Rune
  11. Mother's Nightmare
  12. Old Hilt
  13. Matchstick
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