Dye Making Guide

Many things you might want to craft will call for dyes.
There are a couple of ways to get dye, depending on the color, but the default is to make them.

At face value, this is a very easy task.
Simply bring the appropriate materials for the dyestuffs you want to Java Dullihan, shown below.


He can be found in Morocc. (morocc_in 146 99)
To make Dyes in bulk (large quantities), talk to the NPC next to him in that picture. That's the Mystic Dye Maker.
Mystic Dye Maker can also make bulk quantities of Mixture and Counteragent for you. (If you have enough ingredients.)

Mixture and Counteragent Ingredients:

Ingredients to make Dyes:


  • Detrimindexta and Karvodailnirol are obtainable through Removal at lhz_dun01 (Or if you rather to choose to farm each of the item individually.)
  • Alcohol and Empty Bottle may be purchased on item mall at Alchemist Shop NPC (dellar 112 38).
  • All of the Herbs are purchasable at Healing Item NPC (dellar 99 105)
  • It's worth noting that Scarlet, Dark Green, Cobalt Blue, and Black can drop from monsters found in Mystic Dungeon.
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