Colored Gangster Scarf
Talk to Rawr at mystic_shop 109 191 to join his gang. If you choose option "No, can you send me to him", He will send you to see Viso.

Viso will ask for:

  • 100 Blue Hair (Item ID# 1034)
  • 15 Violet Dyestuff (Item ID# 981)
  • 500 Rusty Arrow (Item ID# 1762)
  • 100 Gift Box (Item ID# 644)
  • 50 Metal Fragment (Item ID# 7095)
  • 150 Spool (Item ID# 7217)

P.S. If you need to go back to Viso because you forgot something, just talk to Rawr again and he will send you to Viso's location.

He will then trade those items for the beginners scarf. He also will warp you to the Mystic Card Store to make a Thief Card.
P.S. If you already have a Thief Card within your inventory, Viso will send you to Rawr directly.

Once you have the beginners Gangster Scarf and the Thief Card, go back to talk to Rawr.

Rawr will ask which Colored Gangster Scarf you want to make. After Rawr makes your Colored Gangster Scarf, he will let you keep your Thief Card.

They all will give you the same status:
All stats +5, Mdef +5, flee +10. Add skill Plagiarism level 10. Add skill Preserve level 1. Add effect Confusion.

Here's the lists of the Colored Gangster Scarf that you can make.
Black Gangster Scarf
Blue Gangster Scarf
Brown Gangster Scarf
Green Gangster Scarf
Pink Gangster Scarf
Purple Gangster Scarf
White Gangster Scarf
Yellow Gangster Scarf

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