Black Tie (ID# 9697)

"Wearing this will help you look smart and act the part and maybe even get you HIRED!"

All stats +5, DEF +10, MDEF +5
Adds 10% chance to get black dyestuff when you kill a monster. Adds use of level 10 Abracadabra.

  • 50 Ice Scale (Item ID# 7562)
  • 100 Illusion Flower (Item ID# 710)
  • 100 Hinalle (Item ID# 703)
  • 50 Hwergelmir's Tonic1 (Item ID# 12095)

1 Hwergelmir's Tonic is a cooking tonic that can be dropped by Lady Tanee by 50% or you can create it by using a proper cooking set, Level 10 Cookbook (from Maya Purple) and following cooking ingredients:1 Yggdrasil Berry, 10 Ice Cubic, 10 Bacillus, 4 Royal Jelly, 3 Concentration Potion, 5 Alcohol, 2 Prickly Fruit, 1 Illusion Flower

Take these items to the Mark & Spencer NPC in mystic_shop 143 205.

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