Black Scuba Mask (Item ID# 9653)
Swim to the depths of the murky river floor without this important equipment and you die. Never leave without this! This black one saves you from the tortures of the Underworld's River Styx.

Adds 20 to all stats, HP & SP + 10%. Reduces damage from Medium Sized monsters by 10%. Reduces damage from Shadow element by 10%.
Impossible to refine this item. Item is slotted.

You'll need the following items:

  • 500 Black Dyestuff (Item ID# 983)
  • 1 Straw Hat1(Item ID# 5062)
  • 100 Chivalry Emblem (Item ID# 1004)
  • 200 Mystic Horn (Item ID# 6023)
  • 1000 Black Charmstone (Item ID# 7430)
  • 100 Million Zeny

Take the list to Bubba Marley located at mystic_shop 160 210.

1The Straw Hat is not dropped by mobs. You'll need: 1 Sakkat2 (Item ID# 2280), 300 Tough Vine (Item ID# 7197), 300 Piece of Bamboo (Item ID# 7150). Take these to Headgear Merchant located at xmas_in 35, 30.
2The Sakkat Hat needed for the Straw Hat is not dropped by mobs either. You'll need: 120 Trunk (Item ID# 1019), and 10,000 Zeny. Take them to Trader who's at aldeba_in 152, 166.

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