Black Gangster Scarf

All stats +5, Mdef +5, flee +10. Add skill Plagiarism level 10. Add skill Preserve level 1. Add effect Confusion.
This is the Black Gangster Scarf that you can make after you created Thief card and Beginner Gangster.

In order to make one you need the following items:

2000 Black Charmstone (Item ID# 7430)
200 Shadow Orb 1 (Item ID# 7524)
30 Black Dyestuff (Item ID# 983)
10 Broken Crown (Item ID# 7754)
10 Broken Pharaoh Emblem (Item ID# 7113)
10 OrcishVoucher (Item ID# 931)
1 Gangster Scarf from Viso Item (ID# 5361)
1 Thief Card (Item ID# 9378)

Talk to Rawr at mystic_shop 109 191 after you gathered all of these items.

1 You can buy Shadow Orb at Tool Dealer on mystic_fore 154 222 by selecting buy and select Ninja Tools.

Congrats! Now you're a part of Gangsta!

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