Aquaring Hat (Item ID# 9521)

All stats +10
10% more HP and SP
Adds a 5% chance to auto casting Level 10 Water Ball on an enemy when attacking
Adds a 50% chance for monsters to drop Cold Moonlight
Adds a 20% resistance against the Water element

Take the following:

  • 1 Poring Hat (Item ID# 5035)
  • 500 Blue Charmstone (Item ID# 7428)
  • 200 Cold Moonlight (Item ID# 7837)
  • 200 Blue Bijou (Item ID# 7446)
  • 100 Holy Water1 (Item ID# 523)
  • 100 Cursed Water (Item ID# 12020)
  • 10,000,000 Zeny

To Poring Fanatic located at mystic_shop 28 120 and pictured below: (Different map, same npc!)

1Holy Water can be obtainable by following options:

  1. Made by an acolyte class with Aqua Benedicta skill. Elephant Hat (1 ticket from Ticket Exchanger) will provide you Aqua Benedicta Skill as well.
  2. Wearing White M Beret and White Weed from Bubba Marley.
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