Angel Spirit (ID# 5389)

"A golden mask rumored to be worn by some ancient Goddess."

HIT +15, STR +2

  • 1 Opera Phantom Mask1 (Item ID# 5043)
  • 1 Angel Wing Ears2 (Item ID# 5074)
  • 200 False Angel Wing (Item ID# 7104)
  • 150 Feather of Angel Wing (Item ID# 7079)
  • 150 Soft Feather (Item ID# 7063)
  • 1,000,000 Zeny

Take these items to NPC Flick, shown below, who is located at mystic_shop 127 205 to obtain this headgear. (Different map, same npc!)

1The Opera Phantom Mask is another quest which requires an Opera Masquea (Item ID# 2281), and 50 Horrendous Hair (Item ID# 1048) the NPC is Mari Isac, and can be found at comodo 274 137.

2The Angel Wing Ears are also a result of another quest. This one requires 20,000 zeny, 1 Angel Wing (Item ID# 2254), and 1 Elven Ears (Item ID# 2286). Take these items to Old Blacksmith, who can be found at yuno 241 52.

aTo obtain the Opera Masque you have to take 20 Iron (Item ID# 998), 1 Singing Plant (Item ID# 707) and 5,000 zeny to the Trader NPC at aldeba_in 152 166.

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