Alchemy Ring (ID# 9666)

All stats +10
DEF +10, MDEF +5
Increases the walking speed and attacking speed of the user by 25%
Adds a 1% chance to auto casting Level 5 Acid Breath when attacking.

  • 2000 Strong Vine (Item ID# 6041)
  • 1000 Morning Dew of Yggdrasil1 (Item ID# 7141)
  • 1000 Seed of Life1 (Item ID# 7140)
  • 500 Embryo2 (Item ID# 7142)
  • 500 Light Particle (Item ID# 7938)
  • 500 Tough Vines (Item ID# 7197)
  • 5,000,000 Zeny

Take these items to Cebalrai (pictured below) inmystic_shop 249 99 to get this fancy ring.

1The Morning Dew of Ygg and the Seed of Life are not dropped by monsters but can be purchased at the Tool Dealer NPC in Mystic Town under the Chemist Tools option.

2The Embryo can be made with Pharmacy Skill by an Alchemist or higher class.

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