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The objectives of this wiki is pretty clear, which is to provide information about the incredible customs that MysticRO has to offer, along with its amazing list of features. This wiki is written by players for players, in an environment where they help each other, as this wiki is editable by any player of our community.


This wiki was developded by a group of players in MysticRO who wanted to organize all of its customs' information in one space, besides the foruns, in an environment where everyone could share, collaborate and help each other. Firstly concepted by two players of our community, it has been growing since then, gaining new articles about our marvelous server MysticRO and its features every time.

Enjoy, Collaborate and most of all, Have fun!

Help us grow by visiting our wiki, reading and improving our articles, joining the foruns and playing MysticRO! We want you to be part of this big family.

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