Pouring Invasion

Pouring Invasion is an unique event when multiple Porings named Pourings spawn on a certain town at different times (8am and 12pm server time)

But, unlike the ordinary pouring who likes to drop Jellopies, he drops better items such as Mystic Coins, Herb of Incantations, Sharp Paper, and Yarn. Occasionally this monster also drops pouring tamer, which is for a custom pet. Unfortunately, since the server does not support custom pets at the moment, you can't tame him for now.


Common questions:
What does these items are useful for?

Mystic Coin: Useful for spawning MVPs and Mini Boss at MVP room, sometimes it is also used for different quests.
Yarn, Herb of Incantation, and Sharp Paper: Useful ingredients for making talisman that allows you to choose another class skills (up to transcendent class skills) to help your Ragnarok Experience.

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