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Before you start this quest, there are several things to keep in mind:

The Journey of Talisman
1. The first NPC is located at gon_in 117 99.

The mighty Heimdallr

Heimdallr will give you a warning before you begin the quest. You should pay attention to it.

After reading his warning (you should read it!), he will ask for following items:

  • 1000 Slick Paper (Item ID# 7111)
  • 1000 Yarn Item (ID# 7038)
  • 50 Black Dyestuff Item (ID# 983)
  • 90 million Zeny.

Whenever you're done gathering those items, he will trade it for "Book of Mystic's Pledge" and he'll sent you to find Sif.

2. Sif is located at pay_fild04 72 365.

She's so cute!

Sif will give you a list of items to trade for the second book, "Book of Dual Class".
You will need:

  • 1000 Crystal of Darkness (Item ID# 7799)
  • 1000 Herb of Incantation (Item ID# 683)
  • 50 White Dyestuff (Item ID# 982)
  • 90 million Zeny

Sif will tell you to find her husband, Thor at prontera.
At this point, make sure you read those 2 books as you'll be quizzed from the next 2 NPCs.

3. Thor is located at prontera 157 284.

Mr. rich and elegant Thor…

He will offer to test you with 10m zeny. If you answered wrong, it will be cost another 10m zeny to test again.

Note: The answer is in the book, so read the book!

After you have answered correctly, Thor will remove the book, "Book of Mystic's Pledge" and he will send you to see Odin.

4. The last NPC, Odin is located at mystic_fore 271 336.

He looks scary!

He'll test you just like Thor did to you. If you failed to answer correctly, another 10m zeny will be used to test again.

Have you read the book yet?

Note: One of the wrong answer: "All. On a tuesday during a full moon."

When you answered correctly, Odin will ask which dual talisman you want. He will trade your talisman for the Book. Congratulations! Now you become one of the brave soldier!

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