Mystic Ro Wiki Corner

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Welcome MysticRo gamers to our very new little corner of the wiki world!
It is our goal to conveniently gather and distribute custom server information and quests in a clear, easy to navigate form.
Please bear with us as we begin the blind wandering through these woods.


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Mystic News:

Come and join us at both MysticRO Forum and MysticRO Control Panel!

6/30/14 The server is now reopen again!. Get your downloads here! :)
6/18/14 The server is down for couple days; and how the admins had working hard for the future of the server. Read more here
6/8/14: Both CP and Forum are now in transition to the new hosting! Come join the new MysticRO forum here!
P.S.: If you have missed us recently, come play with mysticro-re.exe in your MysticRO folder (This is how to play when the patcher isn't available.)

Latest Shenanigans

Psycho Death Dice event with the ever lovely Ladarien 8.15.12


Featured Article: wiki:dual-talisman-quest

Talisman is one of our unique items that MysticRO has to offer to you. With this awesome talisman, you can choose your 2nd class skill of your choice (ex: Champion talisman- Current job: Ranger). Talisman will come in handy whether you're afk in town, napping, PvP, MvP and etc. Since this item can come in handy; therefore, you will not regret it once you get your own Talisman. :-)

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